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Geomatica 2013 is loaded with updates and refinements that allow you to complete larger projects in less time with fewer errors. Graphical snapshots clearly illustrate image overlap as well as Tie-point and Ground-control point identification. Potential issues with your data are flagged in the updated Project Overview Viewer to assess the quality and coverage of your mosaics before committing valuable person-hours to the job. Live updates now run globally across the software suite allowing you to track changes across multiple projects with a high level of confidence and the ability to achieve accuracy.

Our fastest Geomatica yet will improve your workflows and allow you to manage mosaics containing 1,000s of images with ease. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Atmospheric Correction. Clouds? Haze? No Problem...
Geomatica 2013 now features leading edge, completely redesigned Atmospheric Correction workflows that will allow users to automatically detect cloud and haze within your imagery – which will make producing seamless mosaics in cloud plagued areas more intuitive. Automated metadata extraction will greatly improve the speed and accuracy of your workflow.

High-quality DEM Extraction
Extracting high quality, high resolution Digital Elevation Models from the newest sensors (WorldView-2, Pleiades, GeoEye) is easier and faster than ever, and now features completely new algorithms which are OpenMP enabled. Work with 100’s or 1,000s of stereo pairs, ingest billions of Lidar points, contour lines and other elevation data to create seamless elevation models.

The features you love come included
Automation: Geomatica delivers intelligent automatic mosaicking that includes automatic detection and removal of image brightness variations, radiometric color balancing between images, and automatic cutline determination to minimize visibility of seams in the mosaic.

Sensor Support: PCI Geomatics is proud to be consistently first-to-market with new format and sensor support. Geomatica 2013 adds support for the following:

  • New Sensors
    • Pleiades
    • UAVSAR
    • Sentinel-1
  • Updates to Existing Sensors
    • Deimos
    • ZY3
    • CBERS02C

Data Visualization: Many improvements have been implemented to help you better manage your workflow and visualize large image catalogs as well as processing results.

  • Focus includes improved multi-layer selection capability, as well as setting and changing the default band combination for multiple images at once
  • Ability to generate a SPOT blue band (to make natural color composites)
  • Profile tool improvements for displaying multiple channels at once

SAR Improvements: SAR is a particularly attractive tool for many applications because of its ability to collect fine resolution imagery in all illumination and weather conditions.

  • Improved performance for SAR algorithms (OpenMP implementation)
  • Automatic water body delineation
  • Improved user interaction capability for SPW (editable text, 2D, 3D, Static output)
  • Intuitive processing (workflow based on available data and parameters)